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Faisals Creative Quest


The quest began many years ago for Faisal, now it's a turning point for Faisal on this journey as he's entered into a creatives paradise. Faisal seeks inspiration from change, whether it's changes within people or whether it's changing society. As a creative, Faisal seeks to expand his skill-set and nurture the growth of the people around him. This page is dedicated to documenting what inspires him, his travels, community projects and collaborations with fellow creatives.


By using our skills from different creative fields such as fine art, community art work, social development, architecture, coding, virtual reality, engineering we aim to research and assist the development of Lincoln Road. One of the aims of this  project is to build transparency between different communities that live across Lincoln Road.

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31 Days of illustration challenge: March 2018

Hi everyone, this previous month of March was spectacular. It was the first time I decided to do a challenge on the internet. My theme this month was illustration, this challenge required me to be committed to designing and uploading illustrations on to social media. I wanted to express my vision and thoughts of the world and the processes going on in my life, words of inspiration and art which would intrigue the viewer...

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