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The quest began many years ago for Faisal, now it's a turning point for Faisal on this journey as he's entered into a creatives paradise. Faisal seeks inspiration from change, whether it's changes within people or whether it's changing society. As a creative, Faisal seeks to expand his skill-set and nurture the growth of the people around him. This page is dedicated to documenting what inspires him, his travels, community projects and collaborations with fellow creatives.


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I'm so happy to be working on the Playfinding Peterborough, Collusion's Research and Development challenge!

By using our skills from different creative fields such as fine art, community art work, social development, architecture, coding, virtual reality, engineering we aim to research and assist the development of Lincoln Road. One of the aims of this  project is to build transparency between different communities that live across Lincoln Road.

(Fun fact: it's over 50 miles long) 

If you're from the city of Peterborough, I'd love to hear what your views are of Lincoln road and what positive stories and experiences you have to share.

I did not take the traditional route of my International Relations degree and go into politics or NGO work. I love being a part of change with something that I'm so passionate about, meeting great minds and interacting with the community.

We have spent the last 6 months investigating the Lincoln Road, undertaking masterclasses with architects, designers and artists and spending time exploring the area and meeting many of the the individuals and groups that make the road what it is. This has included meeting community groups such as Gladstone Connect, Communities First, PARCA, Peterborough Lithuanian Community, undergoing tours of the area with local councillors, surveying local businesses and residents, and eating at local restaurants (action research!) 

Working with talented creatives from different sectors 

Working with talented creatives from different sectors 

Our resultant project, My Lincoln Road, is interested in celebrating the rich diversity that makes up the Lincoln Road and aims to encourage more people to explore and become curious about the area, and experience all that it has to offer. 

The public showcase for this research and development stage will be the weekend of 27/28/29 April and we invite you to save the date at this point. 

More news to follow shortly. As this is a research and development project - with a view to extend into something bigger - we are keen to get as much feedback as possible so we can evolve our idea accordingly.  



Your input

A key part of our project is to collect and share local good news stories relating to the Lincoln Road area. What we would love your help with, at this point, is if you could please share with us your Lincoln Road good news stories (be they small or monumental.)

We have set up a dedicated email and twitter page to collect stories

email: mylincolnroad@gmail.com

twitter: @mylincolnroad


Thank you for being a part of this Creative Project!

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