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The quest began many years ago for Faisal, now it's a turning point for Faisal on this journey as he's entered into a creatives paradise. Faisal seeks inspiration from change, whether it's changes within people or whether it's changing society. As a creative, Faisal seeks to expand his skill-set and nurture the growth of the people around him. This page is dedicated to documenting what inspires him, his travels, community projects and collaborations with fellow creatives.

31 Days of illustration challenge: March 2018
31 illustrations march 1

Hi everyone, this previous month of March was spectacular. It was the first time I decided to do a challenge on the internet. My theme this month was illustration, this challenge required me to be committed to designing and uploading illustrations on to social media. I wanted to express my vision and thoughts of the world and the processes going on in my life, words of inspiration and art which would intrigue the viewer.

It was a great test of commitment to be motivated enough to design for 31 days. Many of them which were challenging as our daily routines can vary and could strangle you for time when you are balancing  priorities. To be quite honest, I only managed to fail uploading on one day due to exhaustion, however I compensated the next day by doing 2 illustrations. 

31 illustrations march 2

The content involved being inspired by internationally significant events and causes i.e. International Women's Day, Men's mental health, knife crime and quotes from creatives, philosophers and inventors from the past and the modern day. Visually I wanted to keep the light and white backgrounds consecutive on my instagram profile. In order to build some consistency to the followers to understand which craft I am currently experiment with. One thing I feel is that, sometimes as creatives we can be excited by so much (not that it's wrong) but we can end up uploading so many different types of content, which can confuse the viewer about the different skills you are specialised in. Especially when we are trying to build brand, personal awareness. This is an ongoing personal battle and viewpoint which people may differ with.

31 illustrations march 3

From a craft building perspective, this illustration challenge allowed me to experiment with fine art and digital art at the same time. Coming from a fine art background made me afraid of using digital software to create and enhance my fine art skills. I managed to experiment with Adobe illustrator further and learn new process along the way with my drawing tablet, changing proportions of my art pieces, doodles, illustration and typography to make the user interface easily displayable for the eyes of the viewer. 

I created a hashtag #FTAillustration for the audience to keep track of my progress in the month on all social media platforms. One of the latest additions to Instagram is that it allows you to follow hashtags and trends which can inspire you. So I highly recommend you follow my hashtag ;) #FTAillustration. 

I really believe that as a creative, brand, business, you need to try to commit to a challenge on social media like how I did so. I recognised that my follower count increased, the interaction with my followers on sensitive topics allowed me to build a stronger relationships with them. It felt that I was actually doing something of value by creating art which was linked with real life events and had humans interacting with me, not just simply liking my posts!

Here are two questions which are on my mind, I want to hear what your views are on them. Comment below with your answer!

  • Do you think that social media challenges can help you build yourself personally and build brand awareness?
  • Have you ever participated in an internet challenge, if you have done so, how did you keep motivated to do it?

If you feel that this blog post has helped you in anyway, shape or form I would appreciate a comment below this post.

To see the fine details of the illustrations and my thoughts of them visit my Instagram profile @FaisalTheArtist and follow the hashtag #FTAillustration.

Thank you for taking your time out to read this blog post.


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